Yoga + Mindfulness in Schools

Mindfulness in Schools in the Hudson Valley


Yoga and mindfulness empowers students to be confident, resilient and empathetic. Practices teach students how to regulate emotions and increase attention. Curriculum can be customized to cater to your school's specific needs and there are many ways the program can be implemented into your school day: 

  • mini mindfulness sessions in the classroom

  • chair yoga

  • mat based yoga

  • yoga in Physical Education

  • self-care for teachers and faculty

  • training for teachers to share practices with students

When educators and administrators have an understanding of these tools and have a personal practice to draw from, the practices become naturally integrated into a school culture.

Connect with me to experience yoga and mindfulness in your school in Dutchess county or another part of the Hudson Valley.

Individual (Adult) Private Yoga Sessions


The body stores a lifetime of habits, patterns and information. Physical practice can create a sense of embodiment, which helps us gain clarity around our personal information and how we relate to the world.

Private sessions are a great option if you are looking for extra attention and specifically looking to refine your physical practice. Together, we will utilize asana (posture) as a tool to gain insight and explore joy. 

Lauren is based in Dutchess County and offers private yoga sessions in the Hudson Valley and parts of NYC. Private sessions are tailored to meet the needs and goals of the individual.

Family Yoga + Mindfulness

Family yoga sessions are a wonderful way for you and your child to develop a deeper connection and understanding of one another's experience. Mindfulness sessions for children and adolescents are suitable for youth who need support in learning how to focus, navigating challenges and managing big emotions. 

Corporate Yoga


Corporate yoga sessions are utilized as a way to destress and release tension from the work day. Corporate yoga sessions may integrate mindfulness techniques in order to cultivate a healthy work environment.